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Things you need to know about wheelchair

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Where does the wheelchair come from?
Literally taking the word wheelchair, it means a chair with wheels. And it is true that all the wheelchairs have wheels, and castors. Originally, wheelchair was made for the disabled. The very first wheelchair was believed to be invented in ancient China, the Nanbei Dynasty, A.D.525. Historians found imagines of a chair with wheels on a sarcophagus.
Back to the near history, people invented lightweight wheelchairs made of vine, which attached with metal wheels. In the year of 1932, a man named Hebert Everest who suffered paraplegia together with his friend Henry J. invented the first modern foldable wheelchair, and they established a company named after them, the E&J.
As the time going forward, wheelchair has expanded to the sports field, nationally to world widely. In nowadays, there are Olympic games for the disabled.
Except manual ones, electric wheelchairs are also invented to meet the demands of different people, Benefitted by the technology, we can see people who suffered body disable illness living happily today.


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